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Now this is a good one... Phantom Torrents


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I have a uTorrent client that I use on a Laptop. When at home, my laptop is docked to dual monitors and I use UltraMon to mange my displays on both monitors. After using uTorrent on monitor 2 at home, I recently tried to start a new magnet torrent while not plugged into my dual monitors. Nothing showed up and I was perplexed, until I read a post on here about a screw up between dual monitors and uTorrent. Turns out the dialog box that is used to decide download location etc. showed up on monitor 2 even thought I was on single display. So, I started another torrent and hit 'Enter' blindly. Well, low and behold the torrent downloaded in the default location. Ok, cool. So I go back to the magnet torrent that I was trying to download originally, when on single monitor display and nothing happens except I get the message "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" If I click yes or no, nothing happens and NO torrent show up in the torrent list. If I start a new torrent, the torrent number is the next 2 instead of 1. Very odd... Thoughts on how to proceed so I can get the torrent?

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