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explanations for advanced options


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From the user manual located at: Help -> uTorrent Help -> Contents -> Appendix A -> Preferences -> Advanced

bt.prio_first_last_piece: Enabling this option prioritizes the first and last pieces of each file in a torrent job, increasing the chances that they can be previewed before download completion. µTorrent will prioritize at least the first and last 1 MiB of data in a file.

bt.prioritize_partial_pieces: Enabling this option ('True'), tells µTorrent to always try to request blocks from pieces we've already started.

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Dear members

First of all, happy new year.

I start using utorrent some years ago and never came to the forums. Im jumping between laptops and I try to install the program but I cant find it in windows, only after use it in a search it pop.

Can you help me to track it?


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