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Change font color via Advanced or UI Extras


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There are times when visually impaired or color blind individuals have a great deal of difficulty reading certain parts of the gui, especially the status bar. This can also be a problem due to certain monitors or combo TV & monitor due to poor color rendition when using the VGA input. If we could change the font colours in all parts of the gui to high contrast colours when needed, then μTorrent could be used more easily by those with visual impairments or poor monitors. Colour blindness is not confined to red-green colours alone. Any colour with a red or green component in it, such as orange, brown, chartreuse, pink, etc. are affected with red-green colour blindness, Less common, but still needing reasonable accommodation, are individuals with blue - yellow colour blindness, also individuals who are genetically missing one of the 3 colour cones in the retina that are responsible for our colour vision. Even a limited colour selection like [yellow, blue, red, cyan, magenta, black, and white] would be extremely helpfull.:)

Most cordially yours, Gaerbyl, M.D.

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