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EdgeWorld, bug or commercial. Get rid off?


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Yes. I wan't to get rid of it the "false" torrent that started appearing after i Updated. I've tried installing an earlier version. Did not work. What is this and how do I get rid of it?

I've tried searching for "EdgeWorld.exe", gave me nothing but a locked thread with the answer "SEARCH YOU DUMBASS" :)


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THANK you ciaobaby!

Anyone else yelling "SEARCH FFS" I might gladly smack in the face that I HAVE done that, as well as anyone else. I searched for EdgeWorld.exe, which gave one (1) locked post wheras the solution were "USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION YOU DUMBASS".


Before you start to shout out drowling remakrs about using the search function, try using the search word yourself.

Thanks to ciaobaby, there now is a permament track of my linkage as I wrote "EdgeWorld.exe" in the "right" forum where the answer for this annoying commercial, can be found.

Thank you ciababy :)

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