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Problem with high amount of hash fail.


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Hello everyone.

Recently I'm having a problem with 2 of my torrents. All the other ones download the way they should do but these 2 download too much hash fail.

It's a 2gb torrent, 46% and more than 4gb hash fail downloaded. I stop/resume other torrents too, so that's not the cause. I also download way bigger torrents without hash fails problems.

My guess is it's because of the pieces size. these 2 torrents have 4mb pieces while the other torrents have <1mb pieces .

Is there any way to fix that? or at least reduce the amount of fail dl.

Thanks in advance.

I'm using utorrent 3.2.3, Win7 64bit Ultimate.

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I started the download and added the "hasherr" tab. I will let you know about what happens. Nothing yet.

Is there any way to reduce the pieces size of a torrent? or reduce the number of pieces being downloaded at the same time. because my internet is slow and this torrent starts something like 200-300 4mb pieces at the same time and it's logical to lose that much dl while stopping the torrent. There should be something for this in the preference>advanced :(

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