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Torrent search within the app?


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Hi -

I was using BitLord until recently when I decided I wanted torrent software that has a proxy feature within the software. uTorrent was recommended by many.

One feature I was used to with BitLord was that I could search/find torrents from within BitLord, i.e., didn't have to use my browser to find torrents. I value this feature highly.

I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit. Does uTorrent have this feature? I noticed during the install a couple different add-ons but not sure which to say "yes" to. I tried the browser-tool-bar-add-on but that thing caused some issues in my fave browser, Chrome, with vertical size of the page, cutting off some things. So...

With uTorrent, is there a way to search from within the app for torrents? Is it available via add-on or did I just miss it?



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I'm happy with this simple search template provided by



Just load it with uTorrent and you can search through all popular and less known sites like Isohunt, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz, PirateBay, EZTV and so on.

To adjust the list of sites you can drag and drop your prefered torrent sites here: http://torrents.to/preferences

Please let me know if you found any other simple solutions.



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