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uTorrent Listings disappearing


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This issue just started happening randomly about 2 days ago. Not sure what the issue is, but now when I open up uTorrent, all my torrents will be listed, but some have a tendency to disappear from the download listings. The actual data files are still present and all files continue to download, BUT more often than not (particularly with files I have just added) tend to disappear from the download queue after the file begins to download. If I restart uTorrent, all listings pop up again, but once again as soon as something begins to download, it disappears from the queue. It continues to download (as I can see from the "Speed") but I have no idea of checking on the status of the file (how to check the percentage completed).

All the torrents I tend to download tend to be Magnet links.

Anyone having similar problems or can help me out?

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