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sharing your torrents--how to adjust and the ethics of the matter


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I read in the Utorrent introduction that it is good practice to seed 1:00. What does this mean in practical terms? I want to share but not use up too much bandwidth. How do I cut it off without being rude? Won't someone be in the middle of a download when I cut it off? How do I stop the seeding politely? Is there a way of giving notice? I see under preferences that it is set at 150 rather than 100 (which is what utorrent recommends--perhaps this is for once you have lots of torrents to share?), and that one can set maximum number of seeds. What are the advantages and disadvantages of either overweighting or underweighting this--both technically and ethically? Has the system been set up so that the more you share ('seed') the faster you can download?

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