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some help how to use usb stick?


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some help is required, id like to transfer some films onto a memory stick, how do i copy a downloaded film from utorrent onto a usb. Also how do i create a folder in my docs and transfer a film into it? the answer is there im just not doing something, is it possible? any help would be great. thanks:)

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yes its not the copying of files i need help with, its what files to copy. When i right click on the film you see a list of things such as:

transfer to ...appletv/phone ipod/ipad/bit torrent certified device.( no usb)???


open containing folder

show converted files

copy magnet uri

copy url in browser

force start




move up queque

move down queque


bandwith allocation


remove and

force recheck


update tracker


so i want to click on a movie, and save it to a usb stick, there is only usb to psp in the utorrent add device at the top of this list, surely there is a way to add them to a stick,

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