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the new feature is to append new files to torrent contents. I'd call this "live torrents".

example: you could make available a torrent called "x series - live torrent", which at this point has all the current 21 series episodes.

when a new episode is available, you could append a new file to your torrent, thus causing all peers/seeds to receive a notification that a new file is available for that torrent, and asks if they want to download this new file. this notification only is delivered to those with the torrent status=active.

this way the distribution of new content for the same series/publication/etc is much more easier. plus this would induce people to keep seeding the torrent after finished downloading it, in order to receive future files notifications.

I don't know exactly how you'd achieve this, but I think the person including the new file would broadcast to all his peers/seeds this info and they would propagate the info, reaching all the swarm.

let me know what you people think. ty

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