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Adding a torrent with /:*?"<>| = phantom torrent; with \ = subfolder


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uTorrent 3.2.3 build 28705 (current stable)


(1) Add a torrent

(2) In the Add New Torrent dialog change the name so that it includes one of the following 8 illegal filename characters under Windows /:*?"<>| (such as "test/test")

(3) Modal popup "Unable to save .torrent to 'C:\BLABLABLA\test/test.torrent'." Retry/Cancel buttons.

(4) Hit Cancel. The modal dialog and the Add New Torrent dialog are both dismissed.

Result: Added to torrent list is a phantom torrent with the name as specified ("test/test), queue position of 2147483647, and the correct size from the torrent appears in the list. The tracker column shows the correct tracker, but other columns are blank. The Info tab is blank, the Files tab is blank, and the Trackers tab is blank. Right-clicking and choosing Properties has no effect - the property pages are not displayed.

Expected result: Either disallow characters not legal in filenames, or change them to legal characters. For example / to _ or a similar unicode symbol like U+2215 ∕, U+2044 ⁄, or U+2571 ╱.

The one other illegal filename characater in Windows is \, which uTorrent accepts and creates a subfolder for it's use, but still includes the subfolder name as the name of the torrent in the torrent list. I see this as an inconsistency. If you allow it as a shortcut for folder creation, the folder name is not part of the name and should not be treated as such. If you don't allow it as a shortcut for folder creation, then it is proper for the torrent name to be exactly as the user typed, backslash and all, but you now have to contend with the illegal filename character.

Expected result: Either treat backslash (\) as part of the torrent name and therefore folder or filename, where it is an illegal character under Windows (by following on e of the suggestions for the prior paragraph) or allow it as you do now to be used as a shortcut to folder/subfolder creation, and do not include the folder name (from before the backslash) in the torrent name.



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