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This isn't about troubleshooting, but a damned big bug.


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I DEFINITELY had the preferences set to not update automatically. I do not want any updates in the middle of downloads. Just a half hour ago, after having uTorrent running for days on end, Windows 7 froze (It's a 7 problem, not too little memory - I have 8 GB), and I had to hard boot. In the process, uTorrent somehow apparently finished an update, and Voila! I had a brand new uTorrent (v. 3.2.3 bld 28705 - I had had a prior version, bld 27498) with all default settings, and an absolute absence of any indication that I had had about 50 DLs cued and running, and absolutely no indication that uTorrent had ever been used. How can this happen? I'll never find those magnets again, and I am seriously pissed!

Anyone else have this problem?

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