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Forum Section for µTorrent Android


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Now that µTorrent for Android is official just as µTorrent for Windows, Mac or Linux, isn't it time to have a separate section in forum home page - http://forum.utorrent.com/ - for 'µTorrent Android'

There is lot of interest in the current beta port of µTorrent (for Android) and users are posting their Android related queries and answers in various sections as they please. It would be good to create a new section for µTorrent (for Android) similar to µTorrent (for Windows), µTorrent Mac or µTorrent Linux.

I don't think this will just fit into Apps section, given that the app is a full fledged client unlike µTorrent Remote which is an interface to a client located elsewhere.

I am sure, there would be several posts requesting features and to troubleshoot issues specific to this port of the client, which would demand a separate section for itself rather than being a forum under the Apps section.

Thanks a lot to the µTorrent team for putting together this Android client. I use it a lot and am looking forward for all the exciting features it will start offering.

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