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Fluctuating Speed

Mastr Splyntr

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After formatting/reinstalling Windows due to corrupted OS etc, my utorrent speed keeps on fluctuating and hardly reaches the peak speed. I have a 2mb connection and speedtest.net shows avg download @2.1mbps and upload @0.5 mbps. Before reinstalling my torrent speed easily peaked at 260 kbps or gave an average of 200 to 210. But now the average has dropped to 50-60 kbps idk why :S Even though downloading through browsers goes upto 250 and for IDM it can be as much as 300 kbps. I have double checked through all the torrent preferences and AFAICS they are fine. Plus the most obvious, port forwarding but to no avail. Not to forget, I did also try resetting my torrent settings plus keeping the port 10k plus.

I have two other PCs (one laptop ,the other desktop) and utorrent runs fine on both of them (i.e. optimal speed). Though they are connected through wifi, however this PC is on Ethernet.

I cant reinstall my pc again as it takes alot of time (softwares+drivers+updates etc). Kindly let me know of a viable solution. Thank you.

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