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Utorrent not working


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Ok Ive been using utorrent for awhile and here over the past couple of weeks all of a sudden its not working, even to the point when I tried previous versions and tried different peer to peers with no success on making it work. Now I even tried the beta version and that didnt work either and even tried adjusting setting and yet it wont connect to the server to get this far, I have to actually come here manually. Now during this time I did manage to have a couple torrents just started working and the rest still havent even started downloading. Now Ive tried direct downloads and magnet link and the ones that work used both. So is there some glitch with your servers or are there any other settings I could try the change on my computer because Ive played with various firewall settings and nothing works. Now Im using google chrome and the latest version of Utorrent 3.2.3 with the yellow triangle at the bottom corner. Also Ive looked through a few post on here and online and still nothing has worked.

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