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Slow upload speeds


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I had been using Vuze/Azeurus for a long time but had some problems with one of their recent updates and switched to uTorrent after reading positive reviews. My download speeds with uTorrent are equal to what I had been getting with Vuze but my upload speeds seem much slower and uploading seems more inconsistent (i.e., I will often see Peers who are logged in but nothing is uploading). This is not a problem with my own speeds since I have Comcast 50mbps download and 15 mbps upload (and all was good with Vuze).

The Preferences>Bandwidth has settings of all upload and download boxes checked with 0 as the number, which should be unlimited.

Is there something else I can do to increase and speed up the upload?

FYI I am using a Time Capsule that is running through a Comcast modem. I have the proper port mapping set for the Time Capsule.

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