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RSS duplicate torrents


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I'm using RSS, but I have some problems with duplicate torrent names. Some times the same torrent is uploaded on the same tracker twice, and then my RSS stops because both RSS tries to use the same downloaded files.

Same problem if I have some torrents from the same category on 2 different trackers. If the same release are on both trackers, I have the same problem.

Any good ideas?

Best regards,

Joe Dario

Have a nice day.

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I have no redundant data. Often one of the downloads stops with a "write data error" because the other torrent with same name is using the data. This results in bad ratio and a warning for "hit'n run" on the tracker. Or both torrents can stop and I don't get the release before I finds out myself.

As I tried to explain in the first post, there are 2 problems:

1. A user uploads a release on a tracker. My computer gets the RSS and starts downloading. 5min later, a other user is uploading the same torrent. My computer gets the RSS and starts downloading. I need a way to filter this.

2. I set up RSS on category 1 on tracker A. Tracker B has the same category (1), but has other kind of releases that are not comming on tracker A, BUT some of the releases on tracker B are also comming on tracker A. Now I have the same problem again...

Any work around here?

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