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F**king retarded workflow


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Why must the flow be so freaking retarded?

So, I had a hard reset, and uTorrent say some of the torrents are in an invalid state. OK, recheck.

Recheck finished and lo and behold it starts to redownload. I was like what the fuck so I went to check where it downloads to.

And in a flash of amazing retardedness, stupidity and lack of hindsight from the developers, it downloads into a new folder INSIDE the damn folder it's supposed to download to. Ok, I thought it'd be an easy fix to just stop it, change the download location and recheck, right?

But no, what it does is it overwrites the already downloaded files with its partial files, and forces me to download from the beginning again.

And also, what's up with the stupid folder automatic naming? Why do I have to freaking CHANGE THE TORRENT NAME to make sure it creates the right folder?

The stupidity of the workflow has costed me at least 100GB in download bandwidth already, not to mention hours of uploading to keep my ratio intact, since now the torrents I downloaded are freaking dinosaurs.

Can you FIX THIS? It was not this retarded before. Why get "fancy"?

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