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some ideas


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1 what about decentralised dynamical ipfilter?

1 peer a bans peer b

2 a sends a' info about b

3 a' tests b wheither it should be banned loading a part it needs from b

if it is broken it bans b - go to step 1

if it is not it does nothing

4 if the majority of peers say that b shoulb be banned it will be banned (in this case info about it won't be distributed)

it can help to avoid such sistems as "pirate pay"

it looks vunelarable to make peers load parts from b or to ddos but i think it is possible to eliminate this disadvantages

1 if peer a asks another peer to ban b but b shouldn't be banned peer a should be banned for ban requests instead and info about it should be distributed over network

2 what about documentating utorrent non-standart extensions such as ratings

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