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Getting utorrent to download


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I recently downloaded utorrent and am encountering difficulty in getting it to function properly. I ran the test which passed and saved the settings. However when I run utorrent and open a couple of torrents nothing downloads. I have no problem downloading using the same torrents with bitTorrent so I figure it is a configuration issue but I do not know how to go about fixing it.

Can anyone help with this?

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Not sure what additional information you need. Here goes my try:


Listening Port - 11527

Enable UPnP port mapping - checked

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping - enabled

Proxy Server

Type Socks5; Proxy; Port 9050

Setup Guide

Upload Speed - 139.3 kbs

Bandwidth Config

Operating system -

Windows 7

Firewall - Windows and checked to accept

Upload Limit - 17.0 kbs

Connections per torrent - 55

Max Active Torrents - 5

Upload slots - 3

Connections - 90

Max Active Downloads - 5

Current port - 11527

Network Properly configured - green check mark

Under Trackers - no connections

uTorrent - under status - downloading

down speed - zilch

Up Speed - zilch

ETA - infinity

Now under BitTorrent the one torrent downloads at 90 Kbs with an ETA of under 15 minutes

What else do you need?

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