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Automatically Downloading All From RSS Feed (DailyTVTorrents)


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Ok, so there hasn't been much in the way of resolution with this issue that I tagged onto another post with... So I am going to see if any of you experts can figure this one out for me.

First, screenshots of my settings:

Custom Feeds


As you can see from this screenshot, I have successfully added 5 custom feeds from DailyTVTorrents. The feeds populate without issue. And you will see Bones listed there in the feed.

Edit RSS Feed:


Here you will see that I have selected "download all" and "smart episode filter" because I will only get the entries in the feed I want, but sometimes two different groups release the same episode and I will end up with multiple downloads of the same show.

RSS Downloader:


And my settings in the RSS Downloader.

I am using uTorrent 3.2.3 on Windows8.

So, let me explain the issue:

As I mentioned you see Bones in the RSS feed list... Well it did not automatically download like it was supposed to. However, the Spanish episodes of CSI Las Vegas DID download automatically. Same feed and same settings. Though I did not want CSI Las Vegas, it was posted on DailyTVTorrents so if I HAD wanted it, it would have worked as it was supposed to.

But why didn't Bones?

I have gone though and done everything I can think of to get it to download:

(Previously, I have found if I uncheck the smart episode filter, it will download, but as I mentioned above, I don't want to download multiple copies of the same episode!)

Removed labels (but I want labels so my downloads sort into different folders for organization reasons)

Selected Filter Matches Original Name (no idea what this actually does, but it didn't make a difference anyways.)

Changed from specific feed to all feeds in RSS downloader settings

Highlighted feed, copied the feed URL, deleted feed, re-added feed with copy n paste...

BINGO! Bones started downloading.

Hmm, interesting. Well maybe it's fixed.

Fast forward five minutes and a feed refresh later...

Being Human US appears on the feed (again, same custom RSS feed) but does not start downloading. Hmmm...

Highlighted feed, copied the feed URL, deleted feed, readded feed with copy n paste...

BINGO! Being Human US starts downloading.

So, all you uTorrent experts out there... what am I doing wrong? Or is there a bug in uTorrent?

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No one has anything, eh?

It just doesn't make sense... Last night Californication started all on it's own (which, BTW, is a episode I had already downloaded, so I really have no idea why it started again) yet today's episode of Banshee didn't start on it's own.

So confusing. And annoying.

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Is it, perhaps, because the RSS downloader's filter is *, that the smart episode filter only looks at the * and assumes that since I have already downloaded episode 4x2 of * that episode 1x4 of * doesn't need to be downloaded?

In other words, does the Smart Episode think that the show name is * instead of the actual show name?

If so, wouldn't checking use original name instead of decoded name solve that issue?

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Highlighted feed, copied the feed URL, deleted feed, readded feed with copy n paste...

Not sure what the problem is but when you delete and readd the feed it's almost like resetting itself.

Try clearing ALL rss history and then clicking on the reset button for the rss downloader for all feeds.

It may also be because you are limiting the amount of torrents to be downloaded simultaneously in the queue settings.

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I've just tested with various feeds here on 3.2.3 and i got it to work somwhat by clicking the "give download highest priority" setting and disabling smart ep. filter in rss downloader.

All torrents in each feed started downloading but doesn't stop duplicates unless smart ep. is enabled.

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Yeah, unchecking smart episode filter solves the problem... But like I said, I'd rather not download extra copies of the same show.

So, just now the feed updated and CSI started downloading automatically, but Arrow refuses to start.


The episode column is filled which is supposed to be a pre-requisite. But I also see that CSI is 13x11... Which is a higher episode than Arrow's 1x10... Which kinda makes me believe even more that uTorrent doesn't care about the actual filename when using * and smart episode filter.

So, * 13x11 is newer than * 1x10, so it downloads * 13x11 and ignores * 1x10.

Is there a way around this?

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I'd go back to specifying each show I watch in the RSS Downloader, if there was a simple way to add all my shows and manage it. As it is now, it won't auto sort the list and you have to add each show manually, with filters, and all the other settings...

And I don't care that it says that the entries auto save... 1/2 the time I have to go back and re-enter the filter.

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