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DHT Nodes Over 1100+ utorrent 3.3 beta (build 28854)


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i don't know where to start, but with older versions never had so many DHT Nodes


is this a feature or a bug?

can i limit this?

is this slowing down my dl speed?

using Windows 8 x64 NT6.2 Build 9200 and utorrent 3.3 beta (build 28854)

to mention: connected using socks 5 proxy for p2p connections with forced encryption to bit torrent protocol

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Im also wondering if the node count is right. It starts from 60 or so and just keeps on getting bigger. Currently it shows me having almost 11k nodes after few days of uptime.

But then dumping dht buckets give me this:

[2013-03-30 23:00:39] Total peers: 63 (in replacement cache 55)

[2013-03-30 23:00:39] Outstanding add nodes: 2

[2013-03-30 23:00:39] Received: 227542 requests (20.5 MB), 161711 replies (36.8 MB), 193588 no quota (4.58 MB), 18446744073709546647 invalid (194 kB)

[2013-03-30 23:00:39] Sent: 303088 requests (30.0 MB), 175328 replies (39.6 MB)

and dht tracked dump:

[2013-03-30 23:00:56] Total peers: 0

[2013-03-30 23:00:56] Total torrents: 0

The node count has always been ~300 before this, but then this started happening when i installed 64-bit windows 7. Using uTorrent 3.3 build 29420 32-bit.

Anyone know something about this?

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