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Rehashing problem


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I found a problem with the 3.2.3 that's been happening repeatedly, so finally reporting:

I download TV series season packs regularly, the torrents get updated each time a new episode comes out. So, in prior versions I just deleted the old one seeding, started a new one on the same location, it rehashed the files already present and downloaded a new one. 3.2.3 has a bug with that, apparently. Whenever I add a new torrent, for whatever reason it would rehash successfully only a small portion of files already present (sometimes even not a full file, but like half of it) and start downloading all the other ones on top of themselves (thank gods it does not corrupt them as the newly downloaded pieces are identical). So I have to stop it, rename the extensions back from .!ut, click "Force recheck" and only after that it will finally rehash properly. By the way, prior versions recognized .!ut files properly, but now if during rehashing uTorrent sees a full folder of !ut files - it will think that none of them were ever downloaded and just set them to 0% completion. Strangely I haven't found similar reports on the forum, though I keep getting this annoying bug over and over.

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Have you tried without having the "Append .!ut to incomplete files" setting enabled?

Will try, though how would it make the already completed and successfully seeding files fail to rehash?

Also, sometimes I notice that there would appear duplicate files.

Here's what I mean.

Let's say we have a folder \Series\ with contents \S01E01.mkv, \S02E02.mkv and so on. When I add an updated torrent (everything is right with the target folders and whatever), sometimes while rehashing it would ignore already existing files and create a new one, and since it adds !ut - windows won't prevent it. So sometimes I get something like S01E02.mkv and S01E02.mkv.!ut sitting next to each other, identical in file sizes.

The only idea I've got as for the reason this happens if uTorrent needs an exclusive access to the file while rehashing (though I don't know what for since it's just a read), and if some process (like a parallel torrent seeding from the same file) accesses it - it will just mark it nonexistent. But this never happened in older 3.x versions.

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