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Slow (or zero) uploading speed


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It feels like I'm having serious trouble seeding my downloaded files, compared to what I have experienced in the past. I'm not sure is this is a problem with my uT settings or with the source of the files I've been downloading recently (I've been mostly using a private tracker), or some other problem.

The best example I can point to is a large collection of files (34GB) that I downloaded a week ago. The download went fine, and I have generally been getting acceptable download speeds - up to 2MBps, which is pretty close to my DL speed limit. I have left the torrent seeding for the entire week, but I have only uploaded 103MB. There seem to be a decent number of seeds and peers, and right now the relevant numbers on my screen are:

Seeds 0 (19)

Peers 1 (9) {usually shows 0 (9)}

Up Speed 0.5 kB/s - 4.0 kB/s

Avail. 1.695

Uploaded 103MB (unchanging even though Up Speed is up to 4.0 kB/s)

I have fiddled with my settings under the Bandwidth, BitTorrent & Queueing screens, trying to follow the suggestions I have seen on this and other forums, but with no obvious improvement. I currently have Max upload rate 200kB/s, Upload slots = 8, Outgoing encryption forced, allow incoming legacy checked. (But I've tried setting Outgoing encryption to "enabled" and it didn't increase either my peers or my speed)

I understand that just because a peer is listed, it doesn't mean I can automatically connect to them. And in the past I have certainly seen torrents with "Peers 0(2)" or something like that, but it seems like it might signal a problem if I'm constantly seeing the Peers column reading 0(9) or 1(15), and especially seems like a problem that with a big torrent with a good handful of Seeds/Peers I would only be able to upload 100MB after a solid week of seeding.

I've tried downloading the test linux torrent from btguard.com about an hour ago ... it downloaded in a few minutes and currently shows Seeds 0(291), Peers 2(57) but no Up Speed. Over an hour I have uploaded 114 MB (out of the 693 MB file) and the Up Speed has ranged from zero up to 20 kB/s.

Is there another torrent that's better for testing upload problems, where I should hope to get upload speeds close to my limit (if I could get speeds even 25-50% of my limit I'd be pretty happy)?

I'm willing to believe that there isn't really a "problem" at all, other than that I'm somehow very low on the priority list of seeders so that the other peers are almost always connecting to other seeds and not to me - I don't really know much about how that selection algorithm works. But it feels like I used to get much better uploading results than this.

If you have any advice or pointers for me, or if you need me to post more info or screenshots, let me know. Thanks in advance for even taking the time to read this...

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Chronically overseeded torrents.

Thanks for your reply. I'd like to just make sure that I understand it ... I think you're suggesting that based on my description, the only problem is with the torrents I'm trying to access, and there's nothing I can do about it (other than go out and find another tracker or different torrents).

Is that correct?

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