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Changing the Icon with uTorrent


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Is there any way I can change the Icon of uTorrent (the program icon, then it will change the icon in the STATUS bar) to look like the main.ico in the %AppData%/uTorrent/ directory. I know this is a simple way of doing it (or at least I hope it does), but I can't figure it out.

Secondly, can I put all the .ico & .bmp files (Tray.ico, Main.ico, Maindoc.ico, Toolbar.ico, Tstatus.ico, flags.bmp, flags.test.bmp, flags.test.famfamfam.bmp) (in the %AppData%/uTorrent/ directory) into one ZIP file and rename it current.btskin and work correctly?

Thirdly, can anyone use WebUI or do you need to be a PLUS user/owner?

And finally, can I put a plain text file in this current.btskin file to change the colors? Do I need to call it ".btskin" or "btskin" (no .txt on it)?

I am new at CUSTOMIZING uTorrent, but the online documentation doesn't answer my questions directly. I would appreciate all and any answers.

Thank You very much! :cool:

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