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Help please- Unable to see any seeds or download anything


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I'll be happy to post some screen captures like some I've seen here. But, I don't know how to do it.....I've been a loyal uTorrent user for about 5 years now and normally don't have ANY problems with the software or trackers.

I upgraded yesterday to version 3.2.3 and now I can't see any seeds for torrents that I know there should be seeds for(new tv episodes). I'm not showing any seeds for the trackers. The tracker status says "connection timed out" or "actively refused"

I'm not showing any up speed or down speed although the status says downloading...it just sits at 0%.

I've ran the set up guide (Ctrl G) and test and verify fine although, every other time I run it the entire uTorrent program crashes.

I'd be happy to share my preferences with everyone although I haven't touched anything from default settings other than to enable the Protocol Encryption from disable because I thought my isp might be trying to block the program. But, I don't think that was the case since everything has remained unchanged after making this slight adjustment...and also like I said after running the setup guide it shows the connection as being good and the port is open.

Not sure what to do but I know I should be able to see some seeds available, even if they aren't online. I can see some peers but none of them are online. Also, the trackers should be good as well. I just downloaded movies and tv shows a day or two ago.

Like I said I'll be happy to provide more info on my systems and some screen captures if someone will let me know how.



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