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utorrent shutdown


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when i close utorrent sometimes it does not close all the way.

ex.- when i go play bf3 i always close utorrent from the system tray. i login to a server my ping was 311 (speedtest.net ping 150ms) not good so the first thing i checked was the system tray for utorrent. it was not there. so i spent hours on line searching for ways to solve thinking it was a network issue. i should have done this earlier but after hours of online i tried the laptop with my pc Ethernet ping from speedtest was 40. i decided to check the resource monitor to see what was accessing the internet (again i should have did this in the beginning) hey look utorrent is still using the internet? had to endtask under processes because it was not running under applications

issue- i have to sometimes endtask utorrent after properly ending the program because its still running in background.

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