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Cannot see list of files (NOT magnet problem)


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I apologize if this topic has already been discussed elsewhere. Searching for this problem brings up problems with magnet links.

After updating to the latest stable version, I can no longer see the list of files in a torrent. For example, if I was downloading an album, by clicking on the torrent in the torrent list would then show the list of songs below. I could adjust the priority setting, or double click the file to play it.

However, I can no longer see this, and it's frustrating. I'm downloading a season of a show, I'd like to prioritize the first episode, and d/l the others later. But, I can't do this.

How/Can I solve this? I've been through all the view functions, right-clicked everywhere, looked in preferences, etc.

Thank you.

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Here's where I apologize for wasting your time and admit being stupid. Asking about F5 helped me think what to do, tho. That information screen with "files" "info" "peers" etc, my "files" was not visible. I discovered that right-clicking reveals the view options for that area, and "files" had been unselected. I think I did it accidentally with a quick right-click/left-click one-two and unselected files.

Anyways, problem solved. Sorry for wasting your time, and I'm stupid. :/

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