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Using uTorrent with RPS iPhone App


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I bought an iphone app called Rock Paper Scissors and it allows me to tether my phone to my laptop. However I cant get torrent to work while connected to the internet this way. How the app works is you create an adhoc network on your mac and connect your phone to that network and give it a static ip. then you start tethering in the app and on your laptop you create a SOCKS proxy server. I go into utorrent and setup a proxy server to match those settings and it never connects. Any help would be great.

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please send us a link to this app in AppStore.

Try to install our latest beta (1.8.2, available here http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete/os/mac/track/beta) and see if it helps. If not, please send us an issue report (Help - Report an issue).


the app got pulled from the app store(apps arent supposed to allow tethering). but here is a post with instructions on how to setup tethering with the app if that helps with troubleshooting.


Ill give the beta a try ASAP.

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Hi, I want to resurrect this thread to see if there is a solution out there.

I use Mac OS X 10.7.5 on a Macbook Pro and also use tethering... The Sprint LTE here is actually much faster than the cable internet I have access to, but if you add tethering to your Sprint account then they take away your unlimited data.

Sooo... I was hoping that someone could help me get Utorrent working with my underground and no longer available hidden tethering IOS app called Rock Paper Scissors. I pasted in the instructions below, and it works a charm for browsing the web, but uTorrent does not work no matter what settings I use.

Anyone know how to get this working?



From http://jenifergfranklin.wordpress.com/tethering/:

Mac OS X:

Create an ad-hoc WiFi network on your laptop:

Open System Preferences.

Select the Network item.

Create a new location by selecting Edit Locations under the Location menu. Click the + button and name the location Tethering. Once the location is saved, you can easily switch between your regular and tethering setups.

Select Airport from the list on the left.

Under Network Name, select Create Network.

Enter the network name Tethering and a password (if desired).

Connect both the laptop and iPhone to the ad-hoc WiFi network:

Launch the Settings app on the iPhone.

Tap Wi-Fi.

Select the ad-hoc network.

Click the small blue arrow on the ad-hoc network row

Go to the static tab

Enter for the IP Address and for the Subnet Mask

Launch this app on the iPhone (verify there is a strong cell connection available).

If necessary, wait for the iPhone to finish assigning the Static IP Address. this app will display the Proxy IP Address to once it has been assigned.

Set up the system and browsers/applications on the Mac to use this app:


Open System Preferences.

Select the Network item.

Press the Advanced button.

Select the Proxies tab.

Enable the SOCKS Proxy protocol (make sure to check the box).

After enabling the protocol, select the protocol item and enter the IP address and port from this app into the SOCKS Proxy Server fields. Do NOT enter a username/password here (this is different from the WiFi password you may have set up above for the ad-hoc network).

Press Apply.


Set up the system proxy settings (described above).

Open Firefox Preferences.

Click the Advanced item.

Select the Network tab.

Click Settings.

Select Use system proxy settings from the list.

Click OK.

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