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How to speed up downloading


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I know this is a very common topic but I've noticed that there are many holes that are never filled when answering this question. I am a beginner so please excuse me for my ignorance. I think it is common knowledge that the more seeders you have the faster your download becomes. However, when you download the file from the website and it says there are several hundred seeders, sometimes you only get a few seeders at a time. How do I increase this? I also understand that there are certain settings on utorrent that will make the download faster, but I'm really not sure which settings are the best, or what they even mean. And finally, I think I read somewhere that if you seed, the hosts or something like that will increase your download speed? Thats not exactly what was said but it was something along the lines of seeding makes your download faster because they give you more data or something.

I need lots of help! Please comment and share your input. Thanks in advance!

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