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don't prioritize downloading the first and last piece of media files


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How do I make utorrent NOT prioritize downloading the first and last piece of each media file in a torrent?

I start a torrent with 200 media files in it and utorrent insists on grabbing the first and last piece of every single file right away even if I set the file's priority to low. I would very much like it to not do this as it is completely useless to me.

I have tried setting bt.prio_first_last_piece to false and even tried bt.determine_encoded_rate_for_streamables to false also because who knows maybe it really wants those headers but neither of these changes help.

How do I make utorrent stop prioritizing the first/last piece of each media file?

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Just another guy here, and I'm not sure why bt.prio_first_last_piece doesn't seem to have the desired effect. I keep this enabled myself, but I know at one time it did have a definite effect :).

It may be a change in behavior in uTorrent v3 to always prioritize first and last piece.

However, I do have something potentially useful to say: You say you've tried setting individual file priorities to "Low". Make sure you've set other files for a higher priority. I'm pretty sure that File priorities always take precedence over piece priorities; however, if uTorrent connects to a peer that does not have (or does not offer) any pieces you need in your highest priority files, uTorrent checks if it has pieces in your second highest priority files, and so on. Once the FILE that there is one or more pieces available for has been selected this way, uTorrent then considers piece priority. If uTorrent always does first/last priority now, for example, it will try to grab the first or last piece, or if not available, the rarest piece as far as it has determined. Some torrenters may have prioritized different files than you (or even only downloaded certain files) and are therefore only offering pieces for files that are a "Low" priority for you -- but you will still download from them rather than discard what they are offering, which can result in pieces in low priority files being downloaded at any time (and uTorrent perhaps making those pieces the first/last if it can).

I hope that makes some sense. I didn't answer why first/last priority is applying, but I hope I've explained why you may see parts of low priority files downloaded -- and therefore first/last pieces of low priority files downloaded.


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Thanks for the replies, I do understand how torrents work.

If the issue was that I am just getting common pieces early and that those pieces happen to be the start/end of files then I would expect to occasionally see pieces from the middle of low priority files get downloaded early as well. This is not the case, so I do not think this is merely a matter of me downloading the common pieces first.

Also, I do set some files to high priority when I make these checks. The pattern I am seeing is:

1. Start torrent with many media files, set most files to low priority and one or two to high.

2. utorrent downloads the first/last piece of all files, occasionally downloading a chunk or two from the high priority file(s)

3. Once I have the first/last piece of every file utorrent proceeds as I would expect: downloading mostly pieces in high priority files with a few others once in a while.

I do not believe the behavior I am seeing can be explained by factors like the health of the swarm (this happens on very healthy torrents) or availability of pieces on the peers I am connected to.

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Like I said, I think prioritize first/last piece may be the only option in latest uTorrents .. I am not a spoekjsporrent for Bittorrent inc though. I saw this comment in some internet searches.

If you go to your UI Settings and select "use fine-grained file priorities" you will get 16 file priorities (0 = do not download, 1=lowest, 8=normal {default}, 15=highest).

Then if you set different priorities for every file you might see what I see with this many priorities: the very very lowest priority files will very very rarely get a piece downloaded at all. it will not generally get it's first/last piece downloaded before other torrent data. But some of the highest priorities that are not yet complete (i.e. 15,14,13,12, etc. with declining probability) may get a piece downloaded here and therre if that was all the peer offered, and yes there does seem to be a preference for the first/last piece in those cases when peers don't offer anything you need in the higher priority files.

Maybe someone who truly knows can confirm that the first/last piece option is no longer "optional" as I suspect.

But it's pretty harmless to you and the torrent anyway. In fact, it might be beneficial to have high availability for those pieces since some other peers may really want them.

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