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Download only when internet not busy


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My download speed is 20 kbps to 40 kbps. And when utorrent download, it makes the internet surfing very slow.

So is there any way or any extension that when I surf internet, utorrent will automatically stop downloading and when I will stop surfing internet, utorrent will automatically start downloading?

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If this option is check then if I use computer (other that internet) then utorrent will not download.

But I want utorrent - will not download when I will use the internet like surfing because it slow downs my web page downloading.

That is "Only transfer when internet is idle". How to make this?

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Hi sandipcd,

Yes, the answer to everything is ultimately yes :)

You could hire some specialists to write some software and configure your system and settings.. :D

But here are a few things that can make a BIG difference:

(1) Make sure the option to use uTorrent Protocol is enabled. uTP (uTorrent Protocol) has exactly your goal in mind -- but not all peers will support it. However, if you have it enabled, uTorrent will try to make as much uTorrent traffic as possible extremely low priority on your network, automatically giving way to other internet traffic like web browsing (even from other computers on your network).

(2) Some routers support "Quality of Service" or "QoS" for short. It enables you to set priorities for different types of internet traffic. To best take advantage of this you may need to configure both incoming and outgoing ports in uTorrent (outgoing ports are an advanced option.. best to use a range of ports rather than just one port). In your router QoS settings, usually you need to specify what your internet bandwidth is (although their may be an "auto" option). Do not set this any higher than your true bandwidth or QoS will not be able to yield to higher priority network traffic effectively enough. You can then set a QoS for your computer's uTorrent traffic according to the incoming and outgoing ports it uses. Set the QoS to the lowest possible priority. That's it! Optionally set certain other things to high priority (like Skype/VOIP/... maybe Remote Desktop) that you may want to have even internet browsing give up bandwidth to so they can function as well as possible.

(3) In uTorrent, you can try a few other things that will make it yield "some" no matter what: Set your transfer speeds at no more than 80% available bandwidth. Set the option for uTorrent to include protocol overhead in bandwidth. Reduce the total number of connections uTorrent uses. The default way that a TCP network shares bandwidth is by giving an equal share of bandwidth to each connection. If uTorrent has 500 connections, and your web browser has 1-10, obviously the web browser will get only a small fraction of in-demand bandwidth.

By using the above strategies (most importantly with uTorrent Protocol and QoS active and configured), I've found I can even set bandwidth limits near my internet connection maximum (far above 80% of it) without other internet traffic being significantly effected. Lag times are increased slightly (but this is hard to avoid on DSL and Cable modem connections unless you go for the 80% rule which can help), but actual throughput for web browsing and media streaming is great. There are several other users on my network and they are all able to use the internet simultaneously, and one of them can stream HD video from websites, use Skype at highest quality, etc.


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