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can i use "uTorrentPartFile.dat" to get .torrent ?


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i was downloading several torrents using utorrent , but my windows crashed , i still have the download destination folder with all the partially downloaded movies, games. etc in it .. but i lost the .torrent files because i used to download them in "downloads" folder in windows system and i had to wipe the c: drive to re install windows , so i lost all the .torrent files downloaded and the copy that utorrent makes of it since it was all in the c: drive .. how ever , in addition to the downloaded data i also have "uTorrentPartFile.dat" files since i usually download the torrents part by part "like tv series , i download episodes one by one or 5 by 5 etc.." ..

so my question is .. can i use this "uTorrentPartFile.dat" file to somehow extract/reconstruct the original .torrent file so i can use it to complete the download? or even some how use it to know which site it was downloaded from? any thing that helps me get the exact .torrent file used before?


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