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Make uTorrent AUTOMATICALLY use less bandwidth when programs need it


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Is there a way to make uTorrent aware of my bandwidth needs in other programs?

When I have uTorrent running, it usually uses up all the bandwidth. Most times, I like this is just the way ;i like it. This means that torrenting is fast.

But then that means what usuallly is a quick websurf activity takes 10 times as long. Without utorrent running, a quick google search takes less than a second. But with torrenting running at 100%, it takes 10 seconds or longer!

So, can we make uTorrent automatically show "bandwidth politeness" when I have to make use the bandwidth for the moment?

So far the best solution I found was to press "pause" in utorrent when I need to use the internet, and then unpause when I'm done with my internet surfing.

But I'd rather that uTorrentt defer bandwidth to other programs AUTOMATICALLY.

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