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Confused about setting upload speed


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I'm having trouble figuring out which upload speed should I be getting/using for the uTorrent.

By following "Conservative Settings Chart (Alternate Speed Guide for uTorrent)" guide, my current average uploading speed is 810kb/s (according to various speedtest sites, NOT the uTorrent one). As a result, according to the chart I should be using:

800 kbit/sec ║ 75│ 5║ 50│ 160║ 6│ 5║

However, when I input those values and check the "setup guide" in the uTorrent, it says that my upload speed is 614.4kb/s.

Is this the right speed I should be getting for my uTorrent upload speed? Or am I suppose to input higher values to match my 810kb/s upload speed?

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