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Run Program When Download Finishes (written in C#)


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Hi all,

I'm having an issue with running a program I wrote with uTorrents inbuilt functionality. Basically the program I wrote (C# .NET Windows App) takes my newly downloaded file, renames it and then moves into my Flexraid drive.

For some reason my file doesn't execute. I can see in logger where uTorrent calls it but nothing happens. If I change the settings so that uTorrent executes a .txt file or similar it works. Just not my program.

[2013-01-20 11:18:16] Executing: C:\Program Files (x86)\uTFileAutomate\FileFixer.exe

Any ideas? Here's what I have tried but neither work:

- setting uTorrent to run as administrator

- giving my program permissions so "Everyone" can run it

Could something like Avast! be blocking uTorrent from running it? Any other suggestions?


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OK fixed it.

I tried running the program as a Windows Scheduled Task and it worked. I then had a look at the Scheduled Task "Action" and it showed me the path to the app in inverted commas: "".

I went back to uTorrent and added inverted commas around my file path and it worked.

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