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I can't download from my other computer (solved)


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In my first computer, which uses, the 7002 port is open, and in the other one,, the port 7001 is open.

I created a new torrent based on the folders with files in my 2nd computer. Then I tried to seed for my first computer. Neither UTorrent or other torrent clients can send the files from the 2nd > 1st computer. It's funny, because I can send from 1st to 2nd and from the second to the first if it's a single file.

Do you have any idea what's causing this? I have a VDSL2 wi-fi modem, and the 2nd is using the internet from the wi-fi signal, but the 1st is only using the RJ-45 cable plugged into the modem.

I need to do this because the alternative is to upload several GB to a filehost/pendrive/etc.and that will waste a lot of time.

The 1st computer can't download a single byte from the 2nd, even though the 2nd is seeding the folder.

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It wasn't private.

I am afraid this has 100% to do with something that is preventing two computers from communicating with themselves. Perhaps some kind of blockage I can't see is preventing me from downloading?

To begin with, I created a torrent from several GB of folders/files and tried to seed in this 2nd computer (where the files are located in the first place).

It wasn't seeded even though I added the torrent file and redirected to the folder where the files were stored.

So it should have checked the hash from them and send me the message the files were downloaded 100%. That didn't happened.

Maybe it was due to the large size or the fact I only have 2 GB left in my HDD *?

* It doesn't matter since it should have checked the contents of this torrent. That is not happening.

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Could this be a bug from UTorrent? Maybe it's only sharing individual files and not folders with files?

Nope, uTorrent doesn't understand "files", it understands blocks of data that the operating system calls "files"

Open "Network" in Windows Explorer and you should be able to see the "other" computer from each one, if they cannot "see" each other there, uTorrent will not be able to communicate either, and if they can see each other you do not need to use anything other than Windows explorer to copy files between machines and setup shared folders on each machine.

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Oh, I see. But when I do that in the 1st computer, it asks for a password. However, the 2nd computer can access the 1st. I tried my wi-fi password, but failed. WTF?

P.S. I see what needs to be done now. And while I couldn't access the 2nd computer from the 1st, now I can copy files from 2 > 1.

Thank you, guys!

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