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Error: ReadFromDisk: The


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You'll need to extend the slider/tab to see the message.

I also had this problem (3.2.2 and build ver before this latest stable one) a few hours ago as well:

Readfromdisk: The system cannot find the file specified.

I just want to know what caused it, as I haven't changed my utorrent settings or renamed drive letters (this one is on an internal with a directory for incoming, e:/torrhold, and another for completed, e:/torrdone).

What's weird here is that I've already been seeding the said torrent for an hour or 2 before the error pops up. I managed to fix the problem by force rechecking (and it became 97.3%) and there was the same folder in the incoming even though the completed one was already moved to e:/torrdone.

To be safe, I just upgraded to 3.2.3 and created new folders. But I just want to know why I got that error on that particular torrent, when I've had bigger sized and longer filenamed movie files done before. And I was already seeding when it happened. Thanks!

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Thanks Elendil 1. Your post was most helpful as I was able to understand what the error message meant, then found the error was mine. The folder was missing from my downloads file. Earlier I'd been moving some downloads to a music folder, and must have inadvertently moved the incompleted on.

I moved it back and restarted the torrent stream.

Don't know how you had the file name in both folders. Is it possible you copied it too soon, and would that have caused your issue?

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