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Hate Big, Bulky "Add Torrent" Screen in version 3.2.3...


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I just updated from version 3.0 to version 3.2.3...

Everything seems to look and act pretty much the same way it did in version 3.0, EXCEPT when I go to add a new torrent. Now, an "Add Torrent" window comes up that takes up half the computer screen. Frankly, it's quite annoying to have a window that large assault me every time I try to add a new torrent.

While I do realize new functionality has been added, allowing users to select and deselect which of the specific files in a torrent they wish to download, the size of the window itself uses a LOT of unnecessary wasted space and is extremely annoying each time it pops up.

In light of this, I have 3 concerns -

1. How can I minimize the size of the "add torrent" screen, so it's small and compact like it was in version 3.0, simply providing an option for the download location in a far smaller footprint? The only option I see currently in the Options/Preferences/UI Settings screen totally turns off the "add torrent" screen or turns it on, with no option at all for a minimal sized window for simply choose the location as in version 3.0.

2. If this is not possible in version 3.2.3, can the option for a "simple" or "advanced" "add torrent" dialog box be added quickly to an upcoming version?

3. If it is not possible to make the "add torrent" screen smaller in version 3.2.3, and there are no plans to allow for a smaller "add torrent" window in an upcoming version, where can I obtain and download a copy of version 3.0 again to save on my computer for any future installations I may need to perform, as I will never upgrade again if it means having such a terrible user experience each and every time I need to download a torrent.

Thank you...

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thanks ciaobaby...

I reverted the machine back to a previous state earlier, to get back to version 3.0 with the "add torrent" screen I prefer...

I may reinstall version 3.2.3 in a day or two and see if resizing is an adequate solution, letting me bring the "add torrent" screen to about the same size as in version 3.0 with its original functionality and no extra bloat or garbage showing.

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