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Moving .torrent files to another disk -> how to do it smoothly?


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Hi, I'm on PC and I had to reinstall my system (XP -> Win 7).

I've been sharing 500+ files and right now obviously they're not seeded. I didn't change their location, they remained on the same disks with partition/folder paths unchanged.

I made a back up of all the .torrent files from the Application Data folder, however when I move them to Appdata folder on WIn 7 they don't seem to work. I checked the resume.dat file in BEncode editor but actually I don't know what to change there to make the new uTorrent seed the files.

I also tried "automatically load torrents from..." function, but the app hangs after loading about 100 .torrent files.

BTW, I made a back up of the all .torrent files, even those I haven't been sharing for a long time, so most of them I don't need.

Please help me, I don't want to manually reopen each .torrent file!


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