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New User - Using Completed Torrents from other program


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OK, had to switch. So I am now just using this program.

Been fumbling, stepping around. Trying to get things working. Think I have done mostly so, so far.

However, I have noted that when I add a torrent already completed, which has the downloaded folder with complete files, after the torrent is checked that folder disappears!

So, just where has it gone, cause in a couple I have not processed the files in the way I need to.


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OK, since your answer was clear as mud...

By "Torrents" category, are you referring to the first column, or sidebar of the main uTorrent window? If so, just which one of "All, Downloading, Completed, Active or Inactive" refers to where the completed download is?

Or to completely rephrase my question about the "missing folders".

1 - I add a torrent file that had been downloaded, the folder containing the completed download is in the same location as the torrent file.

2 - When uTorrent checks the torrent, this previously completed folder disappears.

3 - the torrent is in the list for a while, and for arguments sake, let's say it has completed a download.

4 - Where is this completed download? (Or to refer to the original question - WHY didn't the folder containing the completed download reappear?)

5 - Or to better ask, why did the original completed download folder disappear in the first place?

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