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system startup "minimize to tray"


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You can't have it start up in tray icon without changing the option of "minimize to system tray".

I would like to be able to start in tray and not have a window opened or change my preference so that minimize sends it away to tray.


All start up options are set to minimize since that's the intention or the only method of getting what I would want.

Ex1. Current with no minimize to tray:

1.)Start up window

2.)Windows is just hidden in the background, alt tabbing can open the window up.

3.) I must close the window to get it to minimize to tray afterwards.

*4.) If I open utorrent and wish to minimize it, it will work as I wish it to ( leaving a window so I can tab into it)

Ex2. Current with minimize to tray :

*1.)No startup window.

*2.)No window existing in the background, alt tab will not be able to bring utorrent up.

*3.)There is nothing that needs to be closed.

4.)If I open utorrent and wish to minimize it, it will hide to the tray and I must change the option. ( does not leave a lingering window so I cannot tab into it.

What I want

The steps with the asterisk is how I would like to have my utorent set up.

I have to stay with the first example because I do not need to deal with configuring the options. It is just very tedious to need to close a window every time I start up my computer.

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