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UDP trackers not working


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As of recently (last 7 days or so) my UDP trackers have not been working.





as far as i know nothing has changed regarding my firewall or router configuration, but here are the details:

IPv4 Address:<Preferred>

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS servers:

In Utorrent preferences, under connection I have "Enable UPnP port mapping" enabled, "Enable NAP-PMP port mapping" enabled, and "Add windows firewall exception" enabled. The port used for incoming connections is set to 29306 and I'm not using a proxy server. Under Preferences>BitTorrent I have every box checked except "Limit local peer bandwidth" with IP/Hoestname to report to tracker blank. Protocol Encryption is Disabled as well.

When I go to the setup guide to run the bandwidth and network tests, Bandwidth always fails no matter what location it is set on. Current port at the bottom matches with 29306 with the "Automatic Port Mapping" box checked.

In my router settings under "Single Port Forwarding" I have one set up for Utorrent for port 29306 for both Internal and External Ports, Protocol set to "Both" (TCP and UDP), and the "to IP Address" is

I have comcast internet, cable, and a land line, and the comcast modem is in "all-in-one" piece, where it has an incoming co-ax cable with outgoing land line, 4 ethernet ports as well as its own wireless router capabilities. I run an ethernet cable from the comcast modem/router to my linksys router for the stronger wireless signal and having the ability to customize the router settings (cant access the comcast settings).

If anyone has any ideas or questions regarding my setup or ideas why its not working, please feel free to post. Kinda irritated not being able to torrent from UDP trackers.

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I'm having the exact same problem with the exact same trackers. This is a recent problem (I never had any issue before the new year), and it appears to me that Comcast has begun blocking UDP trackers entirely rather than just throttling BitTorrent speeds. Using a VPN service fixes the issue of course, but I shouldn't have to go through a VPN to download legal content over BitTorrent. Shame on you, Comcast.

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