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Point to files and memory issues


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I've been using Utorrent for some time and wondered if it is possible to point to downloaded files, to keep seeding the file in another OS on the same computer? Each time I've tried to do this the file ends up being re-downloaded and I end up with 2 files.

And with XP I get memory issues and I have to shut down Utorrent every few hours so I can use the machine.


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If both operating systems correctly support the filesystem used on the volume where the files are stored, then there's no reason you couldn't. I assume you don't mean simultaneously (like one OS is in a virtual machine or something).. that may or may not work, but if only one OS is accessing the files at one time, I can see no reason why it wouldn't work. Files are files. Especially to software like uTorrent that relies on hashes of files. A given file will always hash the same way, no matter the OS, and thus make a torrent program happy to use it.

Now, other software making use of files created in another OS is another question -- one you didn't ask at all :) but there can be compatibility issues (Linux v. Windows text file line endings for example).

Are you sure you are pointing to the example same files in the instance of uTorrent in the second OS? Force Rehash before starting the torrent if (depending on the order you do things in) uTorrent didn't rehash the file and detect it was 100% downloaded automatically. Don't auto-start the torrent when adding it, if in doubt. Just try to get it configured properly, then rehash it (which should indicate 100%) before hitting "Start" to begin seeding.


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