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Timer/Scheduler-Simple Tool


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Wondering if there is a simple way to start and stop downloads during certain times when my internet usage is not counted toward my monthly allotment?

I see the scheduler but with our technology and advancements the digital industry has seen why can't there be a digital clock where you simply indicate start/stop time for a certain torrent/torrents?

12:00 Am/Pm

Start: 2:am

Stop: 5:am

Torrent # 1 or download order

I do not know if this is possible but with all sorts of schedulers out there for scans etc, I would think for someone who knows how to do this it would be easy to create and more user friendly then colored boxes.

It could be called "Urtime With Utorrent"

I would like to hear if this is possible and any feedback.



"Urtime With Utorrent" patent pending on name.

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