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Error: Can't open .torrent file


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Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded to a larger hard drive, and in doing so, naturally, had to unplug all of my peripherals from the computer, including my external drive. Formerly, it had been the "G" drive, and it now is the "F" drive. As such, all of the locations of all of my torrents since the last time this happened (since which my downloading has increased dramatically) are still in the "G" drive, which no longer exists. uTorrent cannot find the torrent files, and offers no options, as it seems to me, to "find" the files, as, for example, iTunes would prompt you to find the file location of a missing file. Is there any way that I can do this? Preferably, I'd rather not have to re-download all of my torrents...my ratio would be way below six feet under at that point :) However, if I'm just misunderstanding the torrent system and re-downloading all of my torrents wouldn't count against my ratio, I'd be willing to do that so I can continue to seed the 150+ torrents I've already downloaded.


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