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very high CPU usage while downloading only


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I am running 2.2.1 build 25302 (last build before 3.0) on windows home server 2011 (custom built sempron 2.8ghz with 4gigs ram). The other day I noticed very high cpu usage from utorrent. like 70-80%. it is only happening when downloading not uploading.

I followed the instructions under best practice tips For fixing CPU-load/memory-issues/Disk-verhead/stability: It seemed drop usage about 10% but that still put me at around 50-60% cpu. I have no av other than the built in windows defender. I disabled it and peerblock and it seemed to also help but not cure it. I'm now spiking around 50 with average 30+!

I use the same build on three machines and the home server is the only one effected. the server acts as my media box so I can't afford for so much cpu usage nor is it normal! I tried the build below it with the same results.

ports are forwarded properly. I have 30/5 service so speed isn't an issue. utorrent is just sucking up tons of my cpu!!

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