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Pro Registration Fails


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Basically, I can't get my purchased copy of uT Plus to register and be anything other than the ad-laced free copy.

I purchased uT plus and it was running fine on Win8 Customer Preview (CP) in early Jan 2013. Before the Win8 CP OS 'expired' earlier this month, I built a new simple machine for BT. I installed my purchased copy of BitGaurd, entered my UN/PW, all good. I installed my purchased version of uT and it says I have the free version. It failed to access the server and register my paid copy. Buty it would seed something i have online, no problem. I uninstalled uT, rebooted, downloaded uT from my purchased email link again, reinstalled, and it is still the free version. The old Win8 CP machine has not run or been on the internet for about 3 weeks.

Do I need another link to another file that says I paid for it?

Why doesn't the file that supposedly has my purchased info impeded actually register and work?

Is there some form of help that uT can offer and get me a version of Pro that will register for me? I also tried the new 3.3 alpha, which works fine, but will not register, either.

Thanks, figurehead

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