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Utorrent Connection Problem


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Hi all,

I have been using Utorrent for the past four months, and everything seems fine. For the past five days, I encountered a serious problem with the program. When I first download a torrent file, a green signal indicated a smooth connectivity. However, after 15-20 mins or so (downloaded around 100 MB), the signal becomes yellow showing signs of limited connectivity. After that, occasionally, there will be a series of unstable signals from yellow to green, and green to yellow. Not long from that, the program became unresponding and eventually, my network becomes unresponding as well. Then I have to shut down my computer to restart all over again. What is the problem? I talked to my internet provider, and asked was the problem coming from that I've been downloading over 150GB+ for the last month. He replied that my speed would only be limited to a certain MB/s, and the Company certainly will not block me from accessing the Internet. So, I didn't change the internet provider, or using a new router. Need serious help.

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