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uTorrent recognizing files


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I have been using uTorrent on my Nexus 7 Tablet for a few months now with no problems. After updating my devices kernel, I noticed that no new torrent files would download....so for example, from tpb I would select the magnet link and uTorrent would initiate the path, the file would then populate on uT but it shows 0 peers and 0 files. It shows the downloading speed but the file never actually downloads. 0 progress.... So, I re-flashed my old kernel back onto my device and started the download and this time nothing different happened except it now shows peers... I'm confused and I am wondering if the path to storage was messed up? Or if this may be a typical error? Also, any files that I had begun downloading before the kernel update still download just fine.

TIA for any help


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